Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Social Tote Finish

One of the items on my hopeful list for 3rd Qtr. Finish Along was the Social Tote by Carolyn Friedlander.
This was not an easy project, mostly because I have a bad habit of not reading all the directions before starting a project.  I made a lot of mistakes on the inside and ripped it out more than once because I thought it looked wrong, but it was actually correct.  She recommends labeling each piece as you cut them.  I didn't, that was my first mistake.

The divided sections were the hardest. She has extra instructions and assembly photos on her website.  I found those really helpful.  It's a bit saggy (I can relate) inside, but once I started putting things in, it became less noticeable.
I liked the assembly of the outside of the tote.  It was quite easy.  I'd never used Soft and Stable before this project.  It was great to work with.  The fabric is In my Room by Jenean Morrison.
I had hoped to make a few of these for Christmas gifts, but at this point, unless some elves are available, it doesn't look good.  I'm glad I made it and have been using it for some of my EPPs.

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  1. Jane, you should try the divided basket pattern. Similar divider design since they are both Noodlehead but it sews up fast. I'm thinking of making some shorter ones. The social tote is not easy. I made two and I think I'm done unless someone needs an extra special gift. I've got 4 divided baskets cut and waiting to see, much easier.

  2. This is adorable!!! I've been meaning to try this pattern, thanks for the tips:-)

  3. This is just awesome! I love the outside print so much! Great job!

  4. I've been wanting to try my hand at this pattern, too. Thanks for sharing your experience with it. I'm glad you've already put this beauty to good use!