Saturday, May 18, 2013

Boston is My Home

Yay, I finally finished my flags for the To Boston With Love project. 

I found the pattern for the peace sign here.  It was really easy to make.    I probably should have made it into a paper-pieced pattern.  It would be easy to do.  I didn't realize it until after I finished the teal and purple one, but I forgot one of the trimming steps.  It's not the same size as the red one.  Doesn't matter.  I like them both.  I think this pattern would look really cute on a zippy pouch or maybe a baby bib.  (Hmm, did someone mention a baby?)
The patchwork heart was very easy.  Just squares and half-square triangles.

Making these flags made me feel better.  I was born in Boston and have lived just a few miles north my whole life.  My first real job was just three blocks from the finish line.  One of the victims lived 3 blocks from my home.  

Off to this month's BMQG meeting to deliver my flags.

Joyful stitching,


  1. Hi Jane:

    Beautiful flags. Can't wait to see them all displayed at the Boston MFA.

  2. Your flags are wonderful. I can't wait to see all of them on display.

  3. Love the flags, especially the heart one.