Friday, November 9, 2012

100 Day Hustle - Half Way Point

We're halfway through the 100 Day Hustle with Kelsey Sews.   It's time to see how much progress was made with the items on my original post.
The items on my "Need to finish" list are the ones that have actual deadlines.

Need to finish:
Bungle Jungle quilt for baby Will - Done and Delivered

Fandago star quilt for Pat -Nothing done.
Joe's T-shirt quilt - Nothing done.
Ghastly project (undecided) - Maybe next year.
Halloween pot holders (3 sets)  Yes, all 3 sets done plus a mug rug for me!

Holiday quilt from last year- Nothing done.
Holiday table mat - Nothing done.

Would like to finish:
Great Granny quilt - Did 6 more blocks. I need to set this aside until after the holidays, but I love making the blocks.

Tote bag for work - Nothing yet.
Summersville quilt - Nothing yet.

Some major changes happening my sewing room (as well as some other parts of the house) have taken up much of my valuable sewing time. But that's for another post.  It's all good.


  1. Your granny square blocks look awesome!
    Your piecing looks so perfect.

  2. Love those granny squares!!! There's still time;-)

  3. Bungle jungle quilts are some of the most fun baby quilts. Baby Will is a lucky kiddo! What is a fandango star quilt? I hope the changes to the sewing room were all awesome improvements!

  4. Lovely work!! Such pretty grannies and an adorable bungle jungle quilt!