Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cathedral Windows, but not really

I spent the better part of last Friday night and Saturday afternoon working on this little beauty...


I used a pattern/method which I refer to as "fake" Cathedral Windows.  It resembles the old fashioned, hand-pieced Cathedral Window, but it's all done by machine.  I'm not sure if I would make something with this many blocks again. Maybe I'll stick to coasters.  This table mat measures 16" square and contains 132 pieces. Yes, 132.  I used mostly leftover charm squares cut into 2 1/2" squares.

It's not hard, just time consuming and a bit tedious.  There are lots of tutorials on the web.

 I will offer one bit of advice.  Don't put your almost finished piece (I just needed to hand stitch the binding) on the same table as your glass of red wine.

Either that, or switch to white wine.  Oh well, its not too noticeable.

Thinking ahead towards the holidays.

Maybe a wall hanging?



  1. Yes, those are tiny, but very pretty.
    I'm sure the little accident makes you glad we have Oxyclean!

  2. What a beautiful mat! I love the look of Cathedral windows.

  3. love that!! i found you on the linky party and now follow you by gfc i blog at wont-to-be-quilter

  4. I think that 12 completed blocks is not a bad result in a month. The Faux Cathedral Window is lovely, and worth at least 4 credits - so not a bad month really!